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Nov 2016 CARLIKE Carbon Fiber Vinyl Removable
Share: 2016-12-26

Remove date: Nov 15th, 2016

This CARLIKE 3D carbon fiber vinyl was wrapped in 2015.2.13 on BMW 5X. (material is produced in our own factory) It was quite easy to wrap that we don’t even need the help of heat gun to make it flexible. Just cutting knife and soft squeegee were needed. As we all know that the weather in Guangzhou is quite hot, especially the long summer days. Therefore, we decided to test the glue, and see how it works after applied on the car for nearly 2 years.

Today, we removed the 3d carbon fiber vinyl. And as you can watch in this video, there is no glue remain on the car paint at all. The paint is as clean and new as we wrapped the material before. 

Install date: Feb 13rd, 2015

Product: CARLIKE super quality 3D carbon fiber vinyl

Product fetures:

1. Air bubble free

2. Durability: Guarantee 3-5 years on car body

3. Adhesive style: Transparent, polyacrylate, 100% removable

4. Film thickness(with glue): 180 microns, glue thickness: 30μm, release paper 140g

5. Film produce technology: Calendered, High flexible PVC film

Install step:

1. Clean the car body

2. Measure the vinyl for engine hood

3. Remove the back side release paper, not remove all paper

4. Use squeegee to make the air bubbles out. need do it carefully and slowly.

5. Use heat gun to heat the film and strech it for the car body curver face.

6. Use kinife to cut off the edges

Remark: the car engine hood is the high temperature place, usually more than 80 oC, then must be choose the high quality film with 100% removable glue, if choose the bad film, glue will be leave on car when remove.

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